WPF Developer Skillset

Entry Level
•Strong .NET 2.0 Background & willing to learn!
•Explain dependency properties?
•What’s a style?
•What’s a template?
•Differences between base classes: Visual, UIElement, FrameworkElement, Control
•Visual vs Logical tree?
•Property Change Notification (INotifyPropertyChange and ObservableCollection)
•ResourceDictionary – Added by a7an
•UserControls – Added by a7an
•difference between bubble and tunnel routing strategies – added by Carlo
•Why did Microsoft introduce yet another markup language?

•Routed Events & Commands
•Converters – Added by Artur Carvalho
•Explain WPF’s 2-pass layout engine?
•How to implement a panel?
•Interoperability (WPF/WinForms)
•Blend/Cider – Added by a7an
•Animations and Storyboarding
•ClickOnce Deployment
•Custom Controls
•How can worker threads update the UI?
•DataTemplate vs HierarchicalDataTemplate
•ItemsControl vs ItemsPresenter vs ContentControl vs ContentPresenter
•Different types of Triggers

•Example of attached behavior?
•What is PRISM,CAL & CAG?
•How can worker threads update the UI?
•WPF 3D – Added by a7an
•Differences between Silverlight 2 and WPF
•MVVM/MVP – Added by a7an
•WPF Performance tuning
•Pixel Shaders
•Purpose of Freezables

WPF Developer Skillset
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