WCF Tutorials

These days I am searching for good tutorials on WCF. I come to know about some nice tutorials scattered over the net. Some are in form of blogs or articles and some are in form of videos. So I thought why not to put them all at one place and let people save their time for finding good tutorials on WCF.

With this intention in mind I gathered few good tutorials and put them in one article. Hope it would help for WCF learners in learning WCF and save their time.

Blogs and Article Tutorials



Third reference from c-sharpcorner.com. Here you will find variety of articles about WCF for the beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. You will find most basic thing like CRUD operations in WCF and service contract in WCF to advanced things like WCF instance management, WCF concurrency and many more.

Video Tutorials

Channel 9 – WCF Firestarter

Channel 9 – Other WCF Videos

Third reference for video tutorials is from Mike Taulty’s Blog. Here you will find video tutorials on WCF with different topics like message security, auditing, authorization, exception handling, concurrency handling, sessions, message patterns and many more. Since, these videos are created in around 2006 they are pretty old. However, you can find good fundamental topics in these videos which does not change that much.

For those who can pay for the tutorials on WCF I can surely give reference to pluralsight. Pluralsight came up with many good paid video trainings and they are constantly releasing new trainings on WCF.

WCF Tutorials
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    I havent had a look at it yet..but thumbs up for putting it altogether 🙂


  2. Rushabh Mehta

    Thumbs up for assembling all the materials together.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂


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