Senior .NET Developer Skill Set

General Programming Skills (Data Types, Iteration, Functions)
Algorithm Proficiency
Unary/Binary Operation Proficiency
Declarative Programming Fundamentals
Regular Expression Familiarity
Framework Design Guideline Proficiency
Collection/Array Differences

Language Specific Skills
C# (or VB) Mastery
Delegates and Events
Nullable Types
Preprocessor Directives
P/Invoke Fundamentals
COM Interop Fundamentals
XML Documentation

CLI Fundamentals (Memory Management, Assembly Loading)
Framework Type Mapping (int -> Int32, long -> Int64)
IL Fundamentals
Framework Navigation Fundamentals
Reflection / Dynamic Invocation
Understanding of the ‘Object’ Type
Core Assemblies
Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
Boxing/Unboxing Fundamentals

ASP.NET Concepts (CodeBehind, Compilation Model, Intrinsic Objects, ViewState, etc)
ASP.NET Control Proficiency
ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
ASP.NET HttpHandler, HttpHandlerFactory, and HttpModule Proficiency
Object-Oriented Nature of ASP.NET

Client-Side Development / General Web Development
ECMAScript 3 (JavaScript 1.7) Proficiency (Closures, Anonymous Calls, etc)
CSS Proficiency (Specificity, Selectors, Rules, etc)
DOM Familiarity
XHTML Mastery (and it’s relation to HTML)
Web Standards Familiarity
MOS (Mozilla, Opera, Safari) and IE Development Differences
Firefox Utilities (Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar)
Core Ajax Fundamentals
Classic Web Development Concepts (State Management, Stateless Development)

.NET Data
ADO.NET Fundamentals (DataTable, DataSet, DataColumn, etc)
Data Binding Fundamentals
XML Serialization

.NET Concepts
Exception Handling
Strong Naming
Disposable Resources (and IDisposable)

Object-Oriented Principles
OOP Principles (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation) Proficiency
OOD GRASP Patterns Mastery
OOD GoF Pattern Fundamentals
UML Fundamentals

Enterprise Architecture
N-Tier Architectural Design
Service Oriented Architecture Fundamentals
Component Oriented Development Fundamentals
Enterprise Services/COM Fundamentals
MSMQ Fundamentals
Web Service/WS-* Fundamentals
RSS/Atom Fundamentals
WCF Fundamentals (Address, Binding, Contract)

Set Theory Fundamentals
Database Design/Data Modeling Mastery
ACID and Normalization Concepts
SQL Server 2005 Interaction Familiarity
SQL Server 2005 Query Optimization
SQL Server 2005 Index Design
SQL Server 2005 Tuning
T-SQL Proficiency
O/R Mapper Familiarity
XML/DTD/XSD/XSLT/XPath Fundamentals

System Technologies
Windows Server 2003 Familiarity
IIS 6 Proficiency
Component Services (COM+) Familiarity (the tool)
TCP/IP Fundamentals (Basic IP Theory, DNS, ping, tracert)
Networking Fundamentals (Routers, Switches, DHCP Servers)
Web Server Farm Fundamentals
‘Run’ Window Proficiency
Batch File Fundamentals
Windows Client Proficiency (Network Mapping, File Operations)

General Software Development
Software Development Life Cycle Fundamentals
Iterative/Agile/Waterfall/MSF Familiarization
Version Control Familiarity (CVS, Subversion, etc)

Quality Assurance
NUnit Familiarity
Unit/Regression Testing Familiarity
Profiling Fundamentals

College Algebra Proficiency
Statistics Fundamentals (probabilities mainly)
Calculus Theory Fundamentals (rates of change fundamentals)
Cryptography Fundamentals (asymmetrical, hash, checksum)
Proper English Grammar (who vs. whom, etc)
Solid Spelling Skills

Results Focused Attitude
Vision Oriented (mainly for Architects and Team Leads)
Paradigm Shifting Abilities
Unlearning Abilities (the ability to unlearn obsolete paradigms)
High Standards (“takes pride in his or her work”)
Unbiased to Vendors (i.e. doesn’t say Microsoft SUCKS! or Linux blows!)

Patience for Technology and Other People
Strong Ethical Nature (Honest, Trustworthy)
Common Sense Sexual Harassment Law Adherence (a.k.a. maturity)
Common Sense Use of Proper Language In and Around the Work Place (a.k.a. maturity)
Common Sense Politics/Religious Respect
Work Place Software Piracy Law Adherence
Gender Neutral Language Guideline Adherence (mainly in documentation and professional correspondence)

Senior .NET Developer Skill Set
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