ASP.NET MVC 5 New Features In Brief

ASP.NET MVC 5 is new version of MVC stack from Microsoft. In this article I just brief on each new features of ASP.NET MVC 5. It is very handy when preparing for the interview and fall short of time. Just memorize it for quick interview preparation.

  • One ASP.Net : Is is actually an improvement over previous project model that allow to use MVC feature in ASP project and ASP features in …

    ASP (Active Server Pages) is Microsoft’s early foray into the server side scripting engines that were meant to dynamically create web pages as they are needed. An example of a dynamically created web page is an on-line calculator where you input two number and after you’re done it presents you with the sum. Creating that in HTML would require a lot of pages, one for each possible result. But with …

    ADO.NET DataReader Vs DataAdapter

    While dealing with ADO.NET it is common confusion to choose between DataReader and DataAdapter(DataSet) to deal with data retrieved from database. Both DataReader and DataAdapter has it’s own pros and cons. Based on the situation and requirement if we choose from both then it will boost performance of code.

    Following are small list of comparison between the two to help developers choose from these two technologies which suits situation and saves …

    Enterprise Library Interview Questions

    1. What is Enterprise Library?
    Enterprise Library is class library delivered freely by Microsoft Patterns and Practices group. It is made up of series of application blocks, each aimed at managing specific crosscutting concerns for example writing entries to system log or Windows Event Log, caching and validating user input, etc.

    2. What are application blocks?
    Application blocks are pluggable and reusable software components designed to assist developers with common enterprise …

    .NET Framework 4.5 New Features Interview Questions

    1. Can we develop Windows Store Apps using .NET Framework 4.5?
    Yes, there is subset of managed types available with .NET Framework 4.5 to develop Windows Store Apps. Using these managed types we can develop Windows Store Apps with our favorite language C# or Visual Basic. These managed types resides in namespaces starts with System and the Windows Runtime types reside in namespaces that starts with Windows together make framework …

    All About Singleton Pattern

    What is Singleton Pattern?
    The Single Pattern is the simplest design pattern. Many times it’s important to have only one instance for a particular class, for example we need to provide configuration manager for all the configurations of our application. But, we need to restrict instantiation of configuration manager class to only one. So only one instance of configuration manager will serve all the requests for configuration of our application. To …