Enterprise Library Interview Questions

1. What is Enterprise Library?
Enterprise Library is class library delivered freely by Microsoft Patterns and Practices group. It is made up of series of application blocks, each aimed at managing specific crosscutting concerns for example writing entries to system log or Windows Event Log, caching and validating user input, etc.

2. What are application blocks?
Application blocks are pluggable and reusable software components designed to assist developers with common enterprise …

.NET Framework 4.5 New Features Interview Questions

1. Can we develop Windows Store Apps using .NET Framework 4.5?
Yes, there is subset of managed types available with .NET Framework 4.5 to develop Windows Store Apps. Using these managed types we can develop Windows Store Apps with our favorite language C# or Visual Basic. These managed types resides in namespaces starts with System and the Windows Runtime types reside in namespaces that starts with Windows together make framework …

All About Singleton Pattern

What is Singleton Pattern?
The Single Pattern is the simplest design pattern. Many times it’s important to have only one instance for a particular class, for example we need to provide configuration manager for all the configurations of our application. But, we need to restrict instantiation of configuration manager class to only one. So only one instance of configuration manager will serve all the requests for configuration of our application. To …

ASP.NET MVC 4 New Features Interview Questions

1. What is main focus of ASP.NET MVC 4?
The main focus of ASP.NET MVC 4 is making it easier to develop mobile web applications. Other than mobile web applications it’s focus is also on better HTML5 support and making ASP.NET MVC web application cloud ready. Using new features of ASP.NET MVC 4 you can develop web applications that can work well across different mobile devices and desktop web browsers.

2. …

WCF Tutorials

These days I am searching for good tutorials on WCF. I come to know about some nice tutorials scattered over the net. Some are in form of blogs or articles and some are in form of videos. So I thought why not to put them all at one place and let people save their time for finding good tutorials on WCF.

With this intention in mind I gathered few good tutorials …

Difference Between Entity SQL and Transact-SQL

Entity SQL is a SQL-like language that enables you to query conceptual models in the Entity Framework. Conceptual models represent data as entities and relationships, and Entity SQL allows you to query those entities and relationships in a format that is familiar to those who have used SQL. Transact-SQL is extension to SQL created for communicating with SQL Server. All applications that communicate with an instance of SQL Server do …